Edit59 believes that everything is and should be about identity.

Whether you are a very successful Company or a low pop individual, we bet that you take under serious consideration your identity.

Ah, we also believe that everyone nowadays is kind of a Brand, so if and when, you start talking to us about how you want to see yourself – your brand – in near future, then we will do what we are very good at. We will propose and then execute digital content, customized on your needs and expectation and   even a bit further than that.

Edit59 is not a company, but it operates like one.

It was founded in 2011 by Panos Kostouros, but Panos is not a magician, at least not yet. He works with a small number of super talented people that he trusts,

so that final result must always be twice as good as you, the client, would ever think of.

Edit59 is based in Amsterdam. Most of our clients are Greek due to our prior network, but nevertheless,

during the last few years we managed to be trusted in the European sphere of art and commerce.

Feel free to ask for our advice -thoughts, we promise that you won’t regret it and secondly, it is for free.